Thursday, 30 October 2014

Halloween Focus at Logoinn – A monstrous 60 % off

Get an amazing 60 % off on your entire order this Halloween with Logoinn. Make your brands live a new life digitally and make use of this day to bring joy to your customers and to introduce your products and services to new ones.

So if you are an e-tailer, a publisher, web brand, or practically any kind of business, Halloween will be just the ideal time for you to redo your marketing activities. But how does this work, it is simple get your logo design refurbished, get it crafted around the theme of Halloween; make use of all the Halloween props:

These are some of the themes that we have done for our own brand

We tried to use pumpkins, broomsticks, thunder and everything that will promote Halloween on our customized logo design, we then used these on our social media pages, and saved them with an image tag of Halloween plus our own domain name, this will help us become more readable for search engines! And it will also attract our customers on social media pages to logon to our website and find out more about this discount.

Similarly we have followed the same pattern on the web banners that appear on our web design we always work with themes because this is the finest way to build audiences and increase our brands visibility!

We liked the second one more and thought it would fit our brands web design, and then worked on the final concept!

Now the strategies to our success are no secret anymore! And you can even make logo design and web design according to the theme of Halloween, the best thing to do is to offer your clients with discount codes, promotional codes, and freebies if your budget allows. If not it still won’t hurt you to get the creative heads in your company together to refurbish your web design to gain you more traffic, and if you don’t have the resources to do these activities, just call us! And we will be more than happy to develop a fresh logo design and web design for your brand; you will also get a discount of 60%!!