Thursday, 16 July 2015

How to get a creative logo design for your business

The post narrates the significance of creative logo design for the business growth and progress in the market. A creative logo helps the business get a distinctive identity in the market, supporting the marketing collateral.

A creative logo design is much more than a shape, random lines and complex designing. Every graphic artist give efforts, time and thoughts in the designing process to make it interesting, engaging and appealing. The corporate logo represents the entire company and brand, building a strong and favorable business identity. The company logo builds the branding efforts and boosts the marketing collateral.

Business support via creative logo design 

A creative logo leaves a powerful impact on the target audience. With its unique and powerful identity and distinctive style, the people do not mistake it with other brands, also gives it an unforgettable mark. The creative logo is easily recognized among hundreds of logos in the market and easily relates the audience with the company. The creativity in your logo design makes it look appealing and fresh not only today but tomorrow as well. Creativity paves the way for timelessness which your business aims for.

Every business has its own vision and philosophy. Even the close competitors of the same industry do not share the same vision and core branding concept. Here, the logo works as the brand support and aligns with the intrinsic approach of the business. The logo reflects the company vision and core values.

How to get creativity in your business logo?

The first thing the businesses must do is giving the designer a detailed design brief. You must communicate what you expect and desire in your logo. This is a time-saving process eliminating all the unnecessary revisions. This way the designer has the open room to brainstorm the design brief through various angles, preferred by the target audience, and apply the designs on different platforms.

The expert also analyses different logos created by the competitors within the same industry to understand their way of attracting the same target audience. The key is not to imitate but only get inspiration and design a creative symbol for the right impact. It is the creativity of the professional designer that he creates a stunning images aligned with the business philosophy supported by creative brainstorming and technical expertise, resulting in an effective and striking logo design.

With professional designers you have the edge to get a logo which truly reflects the business essence, attracts the relevant audience and convey the core brand concept in one glance. The thorough and in-depth analysis and brainstorming helps with inspirational and creative ideas to come through with striking ideas to pave the designing elements accordingly. 

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Friday, 27 March 2015

Boost your work with these pro logo maker tips

Today it is the need of the hour to keep learning and improving the skills to enhance and improve the work and the skills as you go. Same is the case with logo maker team around the globe. It is important for every artist and designer to keep learning so that they excel and grow in their work within the competitive designing industry. Following pro tips will help the amateur and learning artists. These tips are extracted from the professional graphical artists across the globe.

1.       Know your client requirements

Address every client requirement in your logo. It is important that you conduct an effective communication with your client so that you know exactly what they want and what their logo requirements are. Determine the factors to know if your client needs a word mark or a symbol. It depends on the business name, entities, divisions and sub-brands.

2.       Present with Style

A good logo with a poor presentation doesn’t work on clients. But a good logo with good presentation work wonders. Never present your logo project to the client when you or the client is in a rush. Present your logo via various applications such as billboards, store fronts and magazine ads. Presentation skills and style boosts the quality design to convince the client in favour of the logo.

3.       Learning is growing

Keep learning because it helps you grow. It also boosts your creativity and ability to improve your experiences and project quality. If you face any criticism never take it as a personal attack or become negative about it. Learning helps you polish your current skills and make you a pro from an amateur. Remember there is always something new coming your way.

4.       Portfolio & the logo

Make sure that the logo you create and the portfolio it has matches with one another. Portfolio definitely leaves an impression but at the end your logo is important. Therefore, as a logo maker you must extract the right business essence in the logo. It is a challenging job where you need to incorporate simplicity and uniqueness into unforgettable, creative and fresh design.

5.       Dealing with clients

Treat your clients in a welcoming, professional and friendly way. Convince the client to do the dare and go for out-of-the-box logo for a unique business representation. Keep timely and updated communication with the client to fulfil their requirements in simple and distinctive way.
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Monday, 26 January 2015

Let us restyle your website For Australia Day!!

A bit of Context – What’s this day all about? 

For those of you belonging to other parts of the globe unfamiliar with this tradition, we will familiarize you with what’s this day all about. Having Australia Day as a national holiday on the 26th of January is pretty recent, in 1935, all the Australian states and territories agreed to use “Australia Day” as the official name to mark  the anniversary of the 1788 arrival of the First Fleet of British Ships at Port Jackson.

But over the passage of time, the meaning has evolved and this holiday now reflects the diverse society and landscape of the nation. All Australian states and territories started celebrating the 26th of January as the Australia Day - public holiday since 1994. . All the Australians celebrate patriotism, national pride, and achievements and motivate to bring further improvements, accolades and successes in the country.

How do we celebrate Australia Day at Logoinn?

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Is it only for people living in Australia?

A query that many people ask us on such regional discounts are if they are applicable to all the other clients belonging to different regions of the globe other than Australia. Well yes! We offer these discounts to all our clients regardless of their location! And if you are an Australian - we can add more value to your web template by adding banners and context related to the significance of this day.  Let us restyle your website the Australian way. We have special designers who can create wonderful images with Australian animals, Australian crafts, and historical images.