Thursday, 11 December 2014

Make yourlogo top Santa’s Nice list!

What is a logo?

A company’s logo is what you immediately recognize it by. For example, MacDonald’s iconic golden ‘M’ immediately connects you with the burgers and fries they offer. You might even feel your stomach grumble, but that’s optional. A logo is a symbol or mark that identifies the company in the simplest and easiest way.Itetches a different identity for a company and promotes customer loyalty. A logo, however, does not give an insight into the business; it is merely for identifying purposes. Many big companies such as Coca Cola, Nike and the like have a unique logo which is instantly recognizable. It is no wonder then that logo design is so important for the marketing of your product as well as maintaining its brand loyalty.

What is a corporate logo?

A corporate logo is the symbol by which a company is known and it appears in all its promotional ventures. It is the logo, in conjunction with the name that a company wants to engrave into the memory of its potential customers with the aid of advertisements. It is also something that a company places on all its stationery. This corporate logo, which is the symbol of a brand’s identity, needs to be well designed, which means that color and font are very important in logo design. Most brands prefer a simple approach, for it is easier to recognize and remember, for example, National Geographic. And it is advisable not to change them very often.

What is a product logo?

A product logo is an identifying mark of a specific product as opposed to the company as a whole; hence, it is necessarily somewhat different from the company’s logo. Many big businesses offer more than one product or service, so they might give each of them a different logo which enables recognition of that particular product easier. However, when indulging in logo design for their products, most companies do not go too far away from their company’s original logo design because they want their customers to not only recognize their product logo but also to link it to their overall corporate logo, hence effectively tying in the customers, and encouraging them to go for other products by the same company.As a result, companies may use the same layout or concept for their product logo.

Christmas logo designing at Logo Inn

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