Monday, 26 January 2015

Let us restyle your website For Australia Day!!

A bit of Context – What’s this day all about? 

For those of you belonging to other parts of the globe unfamiliar with this tradition, we will familiarize you with what’s this day all about. Having Australia Day as a national holiday on the 26th of January is pretty recent, in 1935, all the Australian states and territories agreed to use “Australia Day” as the official name to mark  the anniversary of the 1788 arrival of the First Fleet of British Ships at Port Jackson.

But over the passage of time, the meaning has evolved and this holiday now reflects the diverse society and landscape of the nation. All Australian states and territories started celebrating the 26th of January as the Australia Day - public holiday since 1994. . All the Australians celebrate patriotism, national pride, and achievements and motivate to bring further improvements, accolades and successes in the country.

How do we celebrate Australia Day at Logoinn?

Now how do we celebrate Australia day at logoinn? By offering you a great, massive discount of 60% on all our design services, we have solutions to all your digital design queries- so if you want a logo design, a web design, a brochure, a web banner, an animation or a website developed for your business we do it all at Logoinn with a team of specialized experts! And all of this comes with a special discount of SIXTY PERCENT!

Is it only for people living in Australia?

A query that many people ask us on such regional discounts are if they are applicable to all the other clients belonging to different regions of the globe other than Australia. Well yes! We offer these discounts to all our clients regardless of their location! And if you are an Australian - we can add more value to your web template by adding banners and context related to the significance of this day.  Let us restyle your website the Australian way. We have special designers who can create wonderful images with Australian animals, Australian crafts, and historical images.