Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Master Card Unveiled Their New Logo Design

For the first time in the two decades Master Card has unveiled its new logo design. Master Card being one of the most noticeable brand across the globe, has taken one most of the crucial decision of redesigning their brand identity.

 The new brand symbol reveals the modernized and simplified red and yellow icon that shares the greater experiences and brand communication. The company has gone back to the basic which shows the overlapping of the two colors i.e. yellow and red circles. Previously the design showed the overlapping the circles with jigsaw whereas the latest version blend both the circles together like a Venn diagram and in between both the circles an orange color section is created.

 The new corporate symbol of Master Card represents the simple and outstanding services that the company offers to the customers across the globe. The designers of the new brand emblem have made it clear that the symbol represents the business is connected with all their customers and the sphere portrays that it is digitally enhancing their lives.

More importantly the brands communication manager has announced that in this digital world all the individuals are globally connected and digitization has allowed everyone to practically perform all the activities. Similarly, Master card also helping its customers to stay connected with the world wherever they go.

The main highlight of the new brand identity is that the brand name has been shifted beneath the circle. Gone are the days when stylish fonts and drop shadows were used for the brand name. This time company has come up with a simple font that is easily visible and simple to read.

This unique update to the brand symbol has come after 20 years and the company last updated the design was in the mid 90’s. However, the circular images were last update in the late 60’s. Most the professional designers have stated that the company has gone back to its roots but at the same time it has utilized the basic characteristics in an innovative way in order to build a creative and coordinated system of colors, typography and shape.

Company has started using their new logo design on all their brand products including the customer cards, digital devices, signage and much more. With their new brand symbol customers along with the designers are equally attracted to the brand mark and the new brand identity has created hype in the market.

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